Friday, October 12, 2007

18 + 1

I'm officially 19 years old now...
Sounds quite scary as I am gonna be 20 next year! omg...

Anyway thanks guys for all your birthday wishes.
A very big thank you to my sis who treated us for dinner last night at IZZI. Muax i love you...ALOT!!! haha...
As for those who had celebrated with me last night, thank you all for your precious time, love you all so much!

We started our journey last night at IZZI restaurant in uptown then to "gei tak sek" in SS2 and dropped by secret recipe to buy a cake. Time was still too early to blow the candle so we went to USJ Taipan to have 'Lok Lok'. Haha.. Nowhere else to go anymore so we ended up in my house chatting to WAIT for time to touch 12am..

And.....happy 19th birthday to me!!

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Half day experience in Sun Med

Tracey was with me the whole day. I went to Sunway Hospital yesterday to do some blood and urine test. It is to make sure the cause of the mild abdominal pain on the right lower side location of my stomach which lasted for more than a week. First doctor came to me and pressed on my stomach to confirm the location of the pain. Second doctor does the same thing but with more explanation. He said it is quite confirm that it is appendicitis and so he will meet me for further observation and run some test on me. Because I hadn’t had any meal yet so I was on drip as I was not allowed to eat or drink or pass urine. Ah that was a tough time. Haha…
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poor hand...

I only get to pass urine when the nurse came to have my urine for test. I wasn’t aware that I still wasn’t allowed to do so after that because I have to go for ultrasound test later on. The radiologist requested me to do second ultrasound as he scanned that my Gall Bladder was empty. Cool and I wasn’t allowed to drink so I have no choice but to wait until the drip full my bladder.

Then he scanned again and the result was there was no overtly enlarged appendix or appendicular collection. So the doc said I can choose to do appendectomy or consume antibiotics but it has chances of it reoccurring again. In the end I chose to consume antibiotics because I was scared to undergo operation. I was discharged later and it cost my dad RM 441 just like that.

Later on I went pyramid for awhile and the nurse called me back to the hospital with the reason that I took one medicine less just now. So we headed back to the hospital at around 830pm. Then the DARK side is finally revealed:

Nurse 1: Hi, actually Dr. Q wanted to prescribe another antibiotic for you and see you 2 days later because he was afraid that your appendix will burst. So this is your medical card and you can just call this number to make appointment with him.

Me : Ok…

Nurse(cashier): So your medicine will cost RM 160 ‘plus’ u haven’t paid for the doc’s consultation fee.

I was shocked with the amount of money I have to pay and furthermore I don’t have enough cash to pay for it! So I gave my mom a call and she asked me to tell the nurse that I will ask my dad to pay tomorrow.

Nurse : Ok in that case you will have to sign this document before you can leave.

Me : What if I don’t eat that medicine ar?

Nurse : No reply to that question… why don’t you jus pay for the consultation fee only?

Tracey : How much is the consultation fee?

Nurse : The consultation fee alone is RM 135.

Omg, this is just too much! Where am I going to find RM 295 to pay? And my mom warned me not to sign any documents. So what am I going to do?

Me : I thought I have already paid an amount of money when I was discharged this afternoon? How could you people just call me back and say I didn’t pay for this and that? Like that it is up to you to say what you want! It is your fault that you didn’t include that in the bill this afternoon!

The nurse just looked at me and grinned. Huh? Means?

My mom asked me to just walked away and my sis told me not to pay for their fault, asking them to go ahead and report if they want. At that time I left the counter to have a better reception for the call. I wanted to go back to scold her again but Tracey said since we were out here why don’t we just walk off? So we left…

So guys if anything happen please be carefull when receiving medication in Sun Med...

Last but not least, thanks for caring guys!!