Thursday, November 02, 2006

1st time blogging..

thanks guys for 'bei min' me visit my blog tis is my 1st time so giv me some time to improve in d future k? hehe.. still scratchin my head hard enough to tis 'new' thing.. well i think i will start with my personal profile later la.. right now usual lo write bout happenings in our lives rite? hehe..
im goin to hong kong next monday lo.. dun miss me guys!! for those who know me i bet u will know tat im a super super fans of charmaine sheh(sheh si man)-the tvb actress.. hehe..i even went to the airport to c her! *ponteng skol u noe* shh.. my mom doesn't know bout tat yea.. told her i went 4 movie in summit.. lol.. haih but the thing is i so the feel lik tellin her cos it is such a happy memory.. tat day itself will remain in my mind forever man! she look jus simply gorgeous! her face is wonderful and she is very polite le.. will tell u d details later on.. im goin hk on nov 6th ma, tat day itself hk will be airing her new drama called 'the pearl of orient'. it is at the 830pm slot.. but go there vacation, where do i hav d time 2 watch tis drama? sigh.. wud probably be eatin or shoppin ther rite.. nvm.. u guys shud know tat d tvb award ceremony is around the corner rite? d award ceremony will be held on the 10th of nov.. and guess wat, tat is the day im flying back to malaysia.. oh! cant watch d ceremony live in hk!! wud be on d plane tat time! my god! damn sad wei.. isn't it a sad sad situation? anyway i hope that she will win tis year! not myolie wu(its not ur turn yet).. no matter wat, whether she wins or not she is already d BEST in my heart, THE ONE AND ONLY! *damn lame rite?* lol.. but it is turely from d bottom of my heart guys.. hope all of u support her too!! she's good, isn't she?